Growing Up in a Bunk Bed

There’s hasn’t been a child born, and more than likely, one will never be born, who actually looks forward to bedtime. This, of course, in in stark contrast to adults and seniors who simply can’t wait to hit the sack and saw some logs. However, when it comes to children, they seem to have a boundless supply of energy that simply doesn’t wane when we tell them that it’s time for bed. And perhaps, one such reason for this, is because, well, beds are actually boring.

You simply lie down flat on your back and close your eyes and fall asleep. Now, from a child’s perspective, that’s pretty lame to begin with. Plus, throw in the fact that beds can be sterile and ugly, well, maybe it’s no wonder that children don’t like going to bed.

However, if you ask any child who has a bunk bed, or any adult who grew up with a bunk bed, then you may end up with a different response altogether. That’s because maple bunk beds, twin over full bunk beds and other styles of bunk beds are unlike anything else that a child could experience while growing up. Think about it? How many times did you have a friend come over for a sleepover, and the first thing that you did was to call the top bunk? Then, when it was actually time to go to bed, how much did you actually resist? Probably not much, because you knew that sleeping in a bunk bed with a friend could only lead to laughs and good times.

Do you remember racing up the ladder to reach the top bunk? Then, imaging that your bunk bed was a castle or a spaceship or a hut in the jungle? Do you recall all the stories that you and your friends would tell each other from the top and the bottom bunk? How many nights did you stay up late playing and having fun in your bunk bed, when you knew good as well that you should really be actually sleeping? bunk bed 

There’s something about bunk beds which is both magical and imaginative. For many years, children who sleep on a bunk bed simply have a different view of going to bed versus kids who sleep on a traditional-style bed. Now, that isn’t to say that sleeping on a conventional-style bed is worse or any more detrimental, because it isn’t really in any way shape or form. With that being said, though, there is no denying that it is very different from sleeping in a bunk bed.

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